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Interesting Tidbits and press:

~ The whole story on the Used Bookstore and Barbed Wire Books merger.


~ A local filmaker shot a short film at Barbed Wire here to view!



It’s not the hackers and identity thieves you need to be careful of - it’s your processing company!


This coming October (click here for the timeline) will bring changes to the credit card regulations that merchants must abide by (click here for more info). There is no question that we all should be happy to assist in limiting the possibility of fraud from our businesses. But, please know that some processing companies are using predatory tactics to make even more money off merchants.


Do not be taken in by leases of stand-alone cc machines, nor by hugely inflated costs for new ‘fraud-proof’ machines. Elavon/USBank charged me $1,799 for two cc machines, which I then learned can cost as little as $175 each. After 3 months of increasingly acrimonious e-mails, I had to admit they were NOT going to give me my money back. Even after I had complained about the faint printing of one machine, they failed to come out and look, and then tried to foist me off onto the machine’s manufacturer. After another month of this they finally sent me a new machine, WHICH WAS LOCKED so it could not easily be changed to my new processor’s account.


I have since found out that they will attempt to trap merchants into high-cost leases which cannot be broken - even if you go out of business or stop taking credit cards! If you are currently leasing your machines, do not sign a new lease without really looking at what you are paying monthly.


Do not accept their quotes of "qualified" rates. What they don’t tell you is that few, if any, of your transactions will actually qualify.


You do not need separate pin pads, nor must you be charged for PCI compliance monthly fees, statement fees, RS package fees or who-know-what other fees.


Don’t let ELAVON/USBank jeopardize your business!


Please call Brian Berry at MeritCard Solutions - (303) 772-0364.

Call or email me, Kathe Heinecken, at the store with any questions or concerns.

This is a local company which can help you understand your true costs.