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  • New and Used books sold and ordered, including special orders and searches for out-of-print and rare books.


  • Trade credit given for gently used books, see our trade policy, click here


  • Appraisals and assistance with your       collection


  • Gift Certificates & Greeting Cards


  • Gallery and classroom space is available for rent. (Call us for more information.)


  • Gift wrapping


  • Unique gifts, jewlery, bookmarks, wall hangings AND MORE by local artisans


  • Work by local authors


  • ICC (International Code Council) books - IBC & IRC plus the tabs




Barbed Wire Books provides a place for our community to come together for entertainment, education, and enlightenment


Used books save trees.  We recycle, we donate, and  we promote the Code of the West.  


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They helped me track down and order a book I couldn’t even remember the name of.  And I found some books I didn’t know I was looking for.  What a pleasant surprise.  --- Pauline

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- Many bookstores that offer to sell books on-line are actually contracting with one of the mega-stores like Amazon. They don’t actually have the books, see them or ship them. They’ll make money from your purchase, but cannot check condition, publication dates, or anything else about the books. We won’t do this.

- We are an old-fashioned bookstore, and pride ourselves on our customer service. We are happy to answer any questions in person, by phone, e-mail, or on Facebook. We’ll hold books for you and we’ll order books for you - new, used, out of print, whatever. We’ll ship books to you or your grandkids or your mother or your gardener. We just won’t put our inventory on-line.

- When someone comes in our store, carries a book around and then puts it on whatever shelf is handy, we cannot find it when a customer asks for it on-line. This leaves us open to negative feedback which we really cannot control. (This is why we ask you to leave the books on the counter or table so we can re-shelve them where they belong.)

- The books that we sell on-line are NOT placed with the other books in our store so that we can be sure to ship them promptly. There is nothing wrong with selling on-line, as long as we know what we are selling, where it is, and that we can satisfy our wonderful customers.


Thank you for your understanding!

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